The ever-present Cook Cristina cannot not remain in my heart. Its cuisine is simple and healthy cuisine, typically Tuscan, with some adaptation to the most difficult to please. Our horses are:

  • “Mixed salami Toscani”, must-try, accompanied by Tuscan pecorino categorically served with jams of our production (onions, peppers and pears and ginger), some people if they eat whole jars!
  • “The fried fresh anchovies fillets” you cannot leave out, some customers are specifically for those, say they are the best of the Tuscan Coast!
  • “Great mixture of vegetarian delicacies” this is a dish that will impress, composed by several vegetarian dishes ranging from casseroles to small pastries to savory cream puffs!
  • Tuscan sauces, or rather, the “Tuscan Sauce” are absolutely the workhorse of Cook, fry them because as she doesn’t anyone!

You cannot taste our “Pici Cinta Senese sauce”, “Pappardelle pasta with wild boar sauce”, “Ravioli of Tuscan sauce Mucco Pisano”, but also “Paccheri with fresh pumpkin and cream”, “lime” and sea Risotto, Spaghetti with baby squid “cacciuccati”, “Rigatoni with chickpea cream and Bacon locally” and finally the much loved and delicate “ricotta and spinach Ravioli in butter sauce and herbs”. Oh I forgot, the pasta is all “homemade Pasta”! As for main courses we offer the classics and inevitable “Tuscan Damp” like “wild boar with black olives and polenta”, “excellent Rabbit and chicken alla cacciatora”, “Stockfish to Pisa,” tripe “Pisana”, but also “Tagliata with Arugula and pecorino di cave”, “grilled Sirloin with Bacon and Rosemary” and mythical and inevitable “Fiorentina” grilled! We always try to join the traditional seasonal products, with Cristina in the kitchen you never not Zucchini in December, on this you don’t compromise! Our desserts are all homemade. We have simple Jam Tarts, cakes or Apple soft bitter chocolate and desserts, from classical and unmissable Tiramisu alla Panna cotta made with fresh cream and not with preparations of the Cameo!