Our products are the result of a long life choice.

Our greatest passion, as good Tuscans, is meat.

Considering the current times, it is not very easy to find producers who are still faithful to quality, but there are some, and rest assured that the owner Stefano will know where to find them.

In fact, our meats all come from local and genuine farms such as:

The very famous and highly esteemed “Norcineria Falaschi di San Miniato” from which we use for mixed cured meats such as Finocchiona, the “Grigio” salami, the Sopressata with citrus fruits (a real treat, for the most discerning palates!) the ” Cinta Senese” (do not miss our “Pici al ragù di Cinta Senese”), and the “Chianina” meat that we use both to make a fresh and genuine Tartare and for a succulent and inevitable “Fiorentina alla Toscana”
Antica Norcineria della Garfagnana to which Stefano is very attached for their hams deriving from pigs reared in the wild cut with extreme taste directly by him “by the knife”
San Rossore Park
Salviati estate
As already mentioned, our passion is meat, but we certainly cannot disappoint you with fish.

In fact, the fish you will find with us will never be farmed fish but absolutely fresh and caught!

As good Tuscans, our favorite fish are anchovies and cod, made in all sorts of ways but, if fried, we will obviously use only and exclusively Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, because we care about your health and ours!

We will not fail to amaze you with other delicious dishes dedicated to fish such as “Fillets of the day’s catch with citrus fruit or almond crust”.